Dissertations and scientific articles in compliance with all requirements

Our range of services includes both writing a doctoral dissertation (master’s thesis) on an existing dissertation topic for an applicant (doctoral student or post-graduate student) and a turnkey dissertation preparation, which includes help in the development of a dissertation, as well as carrying out the required number of mandatory publications and full support in the thesis defense. We provide PhD dissertation writing help to order. An applicant for a PhD degree must have a PhD degree that is not necessarily related to a previously received PhD degree. A doctoral degree consists of two main stages: the preparation of a doctoral dissertation and the thesis defense at the dissertation council. The dissertation for a doctoral degree is a scientific-qualification paper, in which the applicant, on the basis of his research, must prove that he:

  • developed new theoretical positions, the totality of which can be qualified as a major new scientific achievement
  • solved a major scientific problem of major socio-cultural or economic importance
  • laid out scientifically grounded technical, economic or technological solutions, the introduction of which makes a significant contribution to the development of the country’s economy and the improvement of its defense capability.

An applicant for a doctoral degree, having practically no time in modern living conditions, as well as experience in forming dissertation materials in accordance with the requirements, will spend more than one five-year plan on writing and preparing a dissertation for defense. Thus, the expediency of ordering the writing of a doctoral dissertation from specialists who have experience in preparing high-quality doctoral dissertations in a fairly short time to defense and who know how to write a doctoral paper at the highest level is obvious.

We can offer dissertation writing support in various fields of science that have the necessary relevance and scientific novelty. At the final stage, an introduction to the dissertation, a conclusion, a list of references used and a dissertation author’s abstract are being prepared. All reasonable comments and wishes of the customer are corrected within a month for free. It is also carried out at the request of the customer the preparation of the dissertation presentation, the report on the defense, as well as the preparation of reviews of reviewers and opponents.

Doctoral dissertation is one of the proofs of the significance of a person, his achievements in the modern world. Therefore, such a crucial life step as an order for a doctoral dissertation must be done consciously with the full understanding that the defense of a doctoral dissertation opens and demonstrates to others your achievements and closes the question when relatives and friends, seeing your abilities, experience and knowledge, say “defend the dissertation”, you don’t actually have time.